Targa Miata
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February 21, 2008 - I tried to locate a Peltor helmet for Janel to match my own.
She wears a size small, and for some reason the small Peltors go for ridiculous sums on eBay when compared to the larger helmets. After trying to win various helmets all over the world, I gave up. She has a G-Force full-face helmet that she uses for track days and finds it very comfortable. We felt an open-face would be better for the race. A quick call to Discovery Parts and this new one was dispatched.
The intercom is a Peltor open-face kit. We stuck with Peltor instead of using something like Terratrip for this because we wanted the best fidelity possible and I felt that sticking with a single brand was best. Besides, this is one Peltor part that's relatively inexpensive.
And yes, Janel has personalised it already with a pink cat.
tags: safety, intercom