Targa Miata
Flyin' Miata (Primary Sponsor)
Flyin' Miata is the recognised as one of the worldwide leaders in Miata performance. The Targa Miata will be built with their assistance and used to develop new products. We're very lucky to have their full support in this endeavor.
Hard Dog Fabrication
We hope to never really test Hard Dog's products. They will be providing the roll cage for the car. They offer a full range of roll bars and harnesses to keep drivers and navigators safe from the worst.
Corbeau will be supplying the seats and safety harnesses for the team.
Mazda Miata MX-5: Find It, Fix It, Trick It
Keith Tanner's latest book on Miata history, ownership, culture and modification is now available. And yes, there are some early pictures of the Targa Miata in it. Can you spot them?
Susquehanna Motorsports
Susquehanna - also known as rallylights.com - consists of rally experts. They're a great source for lights, rally computers and other rally supplies. Their experience is also very helpful.
The Underground Miata Network
The UMN is a Miata club based in Ottawa, Canada. I was a charter member and I still keep in contact occasionally. The club surprised me with a generous donation and I'm very happy to see them supporting motorsports.