Targa Miata
Keith Tanner, driver and mechanic
Keith has written a number of books on performance, including the recent How to Build a High Performance Mazda Miata. His days are spent as a technician for Flyin' Miata. It should come as no surprise that he knows the Miata inside and out!
Previous builds include the a V8-powered MG with a full suspension redesign, a 350 hp turbo Miata that took 2nd in the Unlimited Four class at the Open Track Challenge, a couple of cars for Car and Driver's Superfour Challenge that put similar power through a street car and a Lotus Seven replica based on a Miata drivetrain that GRM magazine decided was faster and more fun than a supercharged Ariel Atom. He also worked as crew for the factory Mazdaspeed effort at the 25 hour endurance race at Thunderhill. He has worked as a driving instructor at various track days from Thunderhill to Laguna Seca and held the overall lap record for cars at his local track for years.
Janel Tanner, codriver
Janel made her rally debut at Targa Newfoundland in 2008, and quickly became a very effective navigator: cool, organized and accurate. She claims not to be competitive, although anyone who's seen her on track might disagree. While she codrives for the rally, she does enjoy getting behind the wheel when she gets the chance. She's looking forward to seeing Newfoundland again.