Targa Miata

Targa Miata is looking for individuals and companies who wish to be a part of this exciting motorsport event. The best companies in Miata performance are already contributing. We are interested in the experience and knowledge that others can bring to the effort, donations to help cover the costs of the event and products that will help the car (and team!) perform to the highest level.

In return for sponsorship, all sponsors will be listed on the car itself as well as on the "hero cards" that will be passed out whenever the car is being shown in public. This includes nightly stops during the race as well as high-profile testing sessions at various events around the US. The graphics on the car will be laid out to ensure all company names are highly legible.

Forever MX5 magazine has already done a 10-page feature article on the car. Also, Grassroots Motorsports magazine (GRM) has expressed interest in covering the build of the car and the event itself. GRM is considered by many to be the best sports car and racing magazine available in North America and is delivered to all NASA members. The Targa Miata team is of particular interest to GRM readers as the Miata is their most popular car according to reader surveys.

The build itself will be covered online in a high level of detail. Previous builds by Keith Tanner have been featured in Land Rover World, Grassroots Motorsports and Car and Driver. One has even been turned into a book published by Motorbooks International. Companies and individuals who contribute to the Targa Miata team will benefit from increased exposure in the Miata community and beyond.