Targa Miata
May 12, 2011 - Here's a problem.
The T5 has an angled rear mount. The red crossmember is correct - but the transmission itself is rotated about 5 degrees counter clockwise. The bellhousing isn't made quite right.
Since I'm aiming to have the car running, broken in and shaken down by a trackday on June 4th, I don't have time to mess around with this. So the T5 is coming out of the car and a T56 is going in place. That's a well proven and engineered solution and we have almost all the parts on hand at Flyin' Miata.
The required frame rails and transmission crossmember are being shipped out today from V8 Roadsters and should be here on Tuesday. I was planning to spend the weekend working on the car, but I think I have enough to keep me busy.
Frankly, I'm a bit relieved. While this transmission is used in the V8R Spec cars, the torque ratings for a T5 are lower than the torque output of this engine. Even a modified T5z is questionable, although the light weight of the Miata helps. The T56, on the other hand, has no question marks around it. I'll be happy to test the T5 later, but I don't think the months before the Targa are the right time.
Most of the delays in the build of this car have involved waiting for parts for the T5 conversion as well. It's been frustrating to put it mildly. But we're back on track, so it's time to get moving ahead!
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