Targa Miata
January 13, 2011 - We've made some big promises.
The goal this year is to compete for the top prize. We'll have the car for it, and if we can stay out of trouble I think we'll do well. However, our goals are still basically the same as 2008, in the same order:
- stay out of the Atlantic
- finish the race
- get a Targa plate
- go as quick as we can

We're not just out for the experience this year, but to show off the performance and reliability of FM's little super Miatas. We can't do that if we break or crash, so that's off the menu then. I'm not going to discount the competition - we're up against some very, very quick drivers with much more experience at the event. Could we prevail against Steve Millen and his GTR if he came back, or unseat Matt Oldford who won last year? Not without quite a bit of difficulty and no small helping of luck.
The weak point is going to be the crew - again. We've got some Targa experience now, but we're also going to be piloting a much faster car. Am I bit nervous about this? Of course, I'd be foolish if I wasn't. We'll prepare ourselves as best we can and I'll build the best car I can, but it's going to be a challenge.
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