Targa Miata
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June 10, 2008 - With a nice long list of things to do on the whiteboard in the garage, I decided to do something else.
I've had a box full of cams sitting in the garage for a couple of months now. It's time to give them a shot.
The golden ones are just gorgeous in person. They're stage 1 cams from Integral Camshafts. The others are stage 2 from the same company, but ground on a set of stock cams - a set of 1999-05 ones, interestingly. They're both designed for hydraulic lifters which is good, because that's what I have. One big advantage to the hydraulics is that I can simply bung these in without having to mess around with shims.
How do they work? Well, the car fires up and runs fine. It has a very lumpy idle. I'll check the timing tomorrow night and then take the car on a run on Thursday. No track time, just a burn down the highway to see if it wants more fuel or less. That's a really crude way to tell if it's making more power - a thirsty engine is a powerful engine.
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