Targa Miata
March 12, 2008 - Back on the dyno.
I took the long (loooong) way in to work this morning to make sure the wideband was working well. Other than a really slow warm-up time, it seemed to be. But when we strapped the car to the dyno, it was misbehaving by the third run. This is really frustrating. Time to do some more diagnosis - the guys at Hydra want me to try a different ECU.
I didn't do any cam testing as I'd hoped, so instead we basically just repeated what we'd done before - but we pulled out a bit of the excess fuel and put in a degree of timing. Nothing to make any difference to the curves.
Instead, I'll probably end up swapping cams at home, then using the autotune feature of the ECU to see if it wants to add fuel. Crude, but it'll give me a rough idea of what's happening. Then it'll go back on the dyno in a few weeks.
tags: engine