Targa Miata
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April 19, 2007 - I'm going to run adjustable cam gears so I can dial in the cams.
These particular cams were designed by a friend who works at Integral Powertrain after also working at Cosworth. I have high hopes for them.
Those who know the Flyin' Miata catalog will notice that these are not FM cam gears. Why not? Because these AEMs were kicking around the shop and needed a new home, and this way we don't need new parts. Besides, these particular cam gears have a long history of competition. They were part of the monstrous Track Dog race car I built a few years back, and also visited Car and Driver as part of the original Superfour Challenge. So it's time they had another outing.
The downside is that they're not marked correctly - the gears are actually in the stock positions now, even though the intake cam appears to be retarded by 5 degrees and the exhaust by 4.
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