Targa Miata
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April 19, 2007 - A cam angle sensor?
Yes indeed. This engine is going to have an interesting mix of components. For the engine management, I'm using a Hydra Nemesis. It's going to use a crank trigger wheel as the primary sensor for engine position. But in order to run sequential injection, it needs a second sensor on the camshaft in order to determine which cylinder is ready to fire. On a stock 1999-05 Miata, this sensor is on the front of the intake cam gear. But then I wouldn't be able to run my adjustable gears. So the venerable cam angle sensor from an early car (a 1990 in this case) will be attached to the back of the exhaust cam.
So the engine has a 2001-05 MBSP and oil pan, a 1999-00 block and head, 1990-93 cam angle sensor, hydraulic lifters from a 1990-97, valve keepers from a 1999-05, oil pressure senders from both a 1990 and a 1995, cams originally designed for a 1994-97, a 1994-97 valve cover, 1994 coils, a 1999-05 starter, 1994-97 alternator...thank you Mazda for leaving us this many options!
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