Targa Miata
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November 13, 2013 - Wiring fun!
This poor car has been through a lot. I stripped out the harness when I built it, and modified it for my purposes. When the original V8 conversion was done, the engine wiring came from a 2002 Firebird - but had already been installed in another Miata. Then I kept modifying and tweaking things, changing the harness around further. Wires for electric windows, cameras, dataloggers, extra sensors, goofy rear wings and the like. It's a bit of a mess.
With the new engine, I'm installing a standalone engine computer and wiring harness. I'm taking this opportunity to revisit all the wiring in the car, removing the leftover bits from the four cylinder build and that junkyard GM stuff. This under-dash harness will be greatly simplified, and the whole thing should be much more robust when I'm done.
It sure looks horrific when it's unwrapped and spread out! The junkyard GM parts are still wired in, and the new GM wires are also looped around like snakes in this shot. Fun stuff.
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