Targa Miata
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July 25, 2008 - A very interesting picture provided by a fellow racer.
He's entering a corner at about 40 mph. This car is fitted with the AFCO suspension, but with much higher spring rates and big fat Hoosier 275s. Check out that lifted rear wheel!
Cory reports that his car is sitting higher than he'd like, about the same as the Targa car is. This is because he's running 800 lb springs in the front and they're not compressing as much as my 375s, thus he ran out of adjustment. You can really see that in how high the car's sitting even in this position, the front still has another couple of inches of travel left. Some shorter springs will solve that, and it will give him some more droop travel.
He's also not running much swaybar at all when compared to his springs. It's a 7/8" bar up front, and he reports lots of oversteer. So he's going to try dropping the car by about an inch and sticking a much larger bar up front.
I find this interesting because it may be related to my wheelspin problem. I've never seen a picture of my car with such unbalanced cornering though. I'll be playing with ride height a bit at the track tomorrow to see if I can alter the behavior - or even to see if the car wheelspins in that environment.
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