Targa Miata
July 17, 2011 - When I first got the car running, I was short of time and didn't have a set of GM plug wires.
So I picked up a set from NAPA that were designed for the engine. No problem there, except for the fact that a couple of the wires were in contact with the headers. As you can see on the blue wire, that's not good. I first came across this at the track day at High Plains, and worked around it with some ziptie guy wires. But something needed to be done.
The factory wires I picked up are a better option in two ways. First, they have this nice 90 degree bend so they're tucked in close to the block. Second, I also picked up the metal heat shields that come on these engines from the factory. The NAPA wires can also accept the shields. Between the bend and the shields, they fit much better than before.
Interestingly, a crate LS3 engine comes with the heat yields but has a straight wire. Go figure.
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