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August 22, 2011 - In case you missed the announcement on the front page of the Flyin' Miata site and on various forums - there's a documentary underway about our Targa run.
If you have come across this elsewhere, I apologize for posting it twice. But I'm excited! Adam Costa is a Miata fan who has decided to follow us during the race and tell the story of the team. Based on the preview he just released, it's going to be one heck of a show. I've known about this for a while, but it looks better than I could have imagined. Don't worry, the final result won't just be me - I was just the only one that was available for lots of interview time when Adam was in town!

Adam's trying to raise some funds so he can bring along another cameraman during the race, and thus he's pre-selling DVDs and posters. You can sign up on his Kickstarter page.
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August 7, 2012 - The big premiere for Racing the Rock was on Friday night.
We'd been doing publicity all week, with various team members and Adam visiting pretty much every media outlet in town. We rented the historic Avalon theater in Grand Junction and invited everyone to come out and see the show. For almost everyone there, it was the first time they'd seen it - even for most of those who were on screen!
We started by introducing everyone, then finally let it roll. It starts off with a black screen as you hear Janel and I discuss the upcoming stage, then the screen bursts in to life as we launch into it. It got my heart going right from the start. Adam did a phenomenal job of editing the thing, teasing some great story arcs out of Brandon and Zach trying to gel as a team as they also came to grips with Grand Touring, and about our run for the top of Open. I got right into it, trying to push the accelerator down as I watched the in-car shots. Even Janel learned some things, such as just how bad the visibility was the second time we went through Carbonear. It's funny, too - a montage of the classic GoPro starting shot of people squinting at the camera display had everyone laughing pretty hard.
After the film, we all trooped down to the front for a Q&A session about the movie and the race. Good questions for everyone, and the feedback was very good. Everyone loved the show. Adam looked very relieved.
DVDs of the film can be found at Flyin' Miata. If you're a car fan, a Miata fan or specifically a Targa Miata fan - I think you'll really enjoy it.
Photo by Ben Padolski.
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August 14, 2012 - There was a big V8 Miata meet at the Summer Camp.
Zach took this shot and posted it to Autoblog. 4500 hp spread amongst 11 V8 Miatas. There are also are two more V8s to be hiding under covers in the back. Zach also covered the rest of the Summer Camp and captured yours truly blathering on about V8 Miatas. It happens a lot.
Autoblog also posted about the DVD. So did Hooniverse.
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