Targa Miata
June 6, 2011 - Unfortunately, even my "low profile" intake wouldn't fit under the hood.
Then I discovered that, even with no intake at all, the hood wouldn't close. I spotted the power steering reservoir as a problem. But removing that didn't solve it either - the throttle body hit the hood!
After checking with Tyler, the fabricator who builds the V8 cars at FM, I found out this was normal. Some of the hood structure would have to be removed. So I proceeded to make copious amounts of noise. And finally, the hood closed.
entry 854 - tags: hood, intake, conversion
January 15, 2013 - I finally replaced the hood pins with Aerocatches.
Much nicer - it's easier to open and close the hood, more aerodynamic and easier to tell if they've been left open. This involved drilling and cutting my poor hood even more - it's been pretty heavily worked over by this point! I've also learned that white Aerocatches get dirty really quickly.
entry 1069 - tags: hood, aero