Targa Miata
March 6, 2008 - The intake in place.
Okay, that black plastic/rubber crossover tube isn't really very sexy. But it works, and that's what counts here.
There's a bracket supporting the crossover tube at the short piece of pipe, then another supporting the air filter. It's not an ideal spot for the filter, really, but I'll make a heat shield to protect it - and the brake lines - from the header heat before too long. That flexible hose isn't as tightly stretched as it appears in this picture, by the way.
Speaking of the header, note what happens when you forget to degrease the pipes before painting with high-temp paint. Whoops.
I also sorted out the wideband oxygen sensor problem. It appears to have been a bad heater in the sensor. I popped in another to check it out, and on a test drive I saw a good range of numbers. The old sensor would work fine until exhaust flow got high, then it would just sit at 14.7:1. The new one showed numbers as rich at 10:1 under wide open throttle. Obviously not good for power, but at least I know the sensor's working! I'll let the car autotune itself at the track this weekend. I don't think I'll have time to dyno the car tomorrow.
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