Targa Miata
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January 13, 2011 - There is a sad side to the big plans.
That sweet little 2.0 is going to have to come out. It's been a rock-solid engine, giving very little trouble despite what we've asked of it. Ever since Janel discovered how much fun the Targa Miata is to drive, the car's had to do double duty at trackdays. It just goes and goes and goes. I'm going to be truly sorry to see the engine go, but it's for sale to support the transformation. The header is also going to be available along with the rest of the exhaust.
It's a bit like selling a child, but I'm hoping it'll go to a good home where it can roam free and play on fun roads or tracks. Contact me if you're interested in any of the driveline, engine computer or exhaust.
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