Targa Miata
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September 14, 2008 - Inside the arena, lots of work was being done on cars.
Despite the fact that we'd only covered 60 km including transit sections, some cars were getting a fair bit of attention. It's probably a good idea, but I decided to put it off until tomorrow other than a quick fluid and lug nut check. Tomorrow, it'll be up on jackstands getting a good check.
There are two new MINIs and three classic Minis at the event. The red MINI is driven by Jim Kenzie, who's won the Targa overall in the past and was a primary instigator of getting the whole thing underway. His navigator is Brian Bourbonniere, who has four (?) consecutive national rally championships. So they know what they're doing. Both have been really helpful to us, sitting down to discuss techniques, strategy and odd foodstuffs like scrapple. Brian in particular spent a lot of time talking to Janel tonight giving her both overall and very stage-specific advice. Have I mentioned how friendly everyone is?
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