Targa Miata
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August 1, 2008 - The differential is out again.
I'm going to use velcro to put the goofy thing back in again.
It's out so that it can be replaced with the Guru from the Seven. What the heck, even if I don't need it I'll have it. The Guru is currently set up with a 4.3 so I'm having the gears swapped around. I was tempted to try it myself, but this close to the race and with such an expensive part at risk I decided to try it some other time.
While underneath, I noticed that the last alignment tech set two of the four rear alignment bolts upside down - you can see one at the far left. I'm not sure if this is going to be a problem or not, but I'm not impressed regardless. My usual long-time alignment guy seems to have retired.
tags: suspension