Targa Miata
February 28, 2008 - The car's back from the alignment shop.
Just like last time, the left front won't get as much camber as I'd like. As I've (probably) mentioned before, I'm experimenting a bit with the alignment on this car and running more camber than I usually do. Right now, it's got a "traditional" alignment like I've been using for years. That's not such a terrible thing, but I'm a bit disappointed I can't try the new setup. Maybe I'll bung a couple of adjustable bushings in that control arm. I'll have full access to an alignment machine in a month or two.
So the car's looking pretty complete now. Why the recent improvements? There's a track day coming up next weekend at Pueblo. Janel and I will be testing the intercom, computer and general compatibility in-car. It should be fun.
tags: suspension