Targa Miata
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September 15, 2007 - Whoops!
The last time I was at the track, the car was pinging above 6500 rpm. We pulled out some timing, but it persisted. I think I might have found out why. Two of the bolts holding the cam gear in alignment slipped, and the intake was at full retard.
A walk down to the hardware store at the end of the street yielded some replacement bolts and the problem was fixed for just a few cents. The car should hit the dyno soon so I can get an idea of the correct timing (they were set at the equivalent of stock to start), and then I'll loctite them in place. These particular gears have spent a lot of time spinning fast on several cars and this is the first time we've lost a bolt, so hopefully it's an isolated incident. It's a good thing I have the cam cover cut, or this would have been hard to spot.
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