Targa Miata
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April 22, 2007 - I may not have been busy taking pictures, but I have been busy assembling.
The engine is about 97% complete in this picture, and is even closer in real life. It's not as pretty as in earlier shots, partly because of the camera phone and also because I've been taking shortcuts. Shortcuts, you gasp! Ah, but there is method to my madness.
See, the final engine will have a special valve cover. It's off being powdercoated right now, so I stuck a fairly ugly valve cover in place to protect things. I'm also planning to use individual throttle bodies, so again a junkyard intake manifold was pressed into service. It'll look sexier when I'm done, honest.
Meanwhile, I'm getting close to being able to install the engine. I want to make sure I'm not blocking access to something important first, and I'll spend an evening ensuring the chassis is ready. But it's almost time!
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