Targa Miata
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January 26, 2008 - A really slick plug.
When I removed the stock antenna from the car, there was a hole left in the rear fender. Not being a fan of bodywork, I didn't fill it before the big paint extravaganza. I altered the base of an antenna to sort of fill the hole, but it was ugly.
A coworker found this trick on one of the Miata forums, and it's brilliant. This plug is from the Miata windshield wipers. It hides the nut that attaches the wiper arms to the shaft. And it is the perfect size to plug the antenna hole. Very slick!
Update! Tom Smith informed me that Mazda provided a similar plug on the early base model Miatas that didn't come with a radio. Mazda Competition can provide them if you want the real thing.
Update #2! "Wreckerboy" found a similar plug at his local hardware store for around 18 cents.
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