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September 13, 2011 - Now for the fun stuff.
Point Leamington. Back in 2008, this was quite possibly my favorite stage. It's rough enough to really work the car, but not destroy it. It's twisty. It's fast. It's challenging. It's absolutely fantastic. And we have the perfect car for it.
The AFCO suspension really shines on this. The road is covered with depressions, dips, patched patches and all sorts of damage. But no matter what, the car would simply not get upset. I was running at the top end of fourth gear and sometimes fifth and just loving it. On the video, you can hear me ask Janel for a time check and she replies "30 seconds ahead", meaning we're well over our base time. Right then, we came over a crest and there was a car at the side of the road with no triangles and no OK sign visible. Heck, no crew.
So we stopped, I grabbed our triangle and ran back to see what was going on. Turns out the crew was okay, they were just hiding in the woods to stay away from the cars whipping by at 200 km/h. So I ran back and put up our triangle before the crest so it was visible and convinced the crew that placing the OK sign flat on the back of the car wasn't a good plan.
We got back into the car and pulled back on to the stage. It's clear in the rules that you will never be penalized for stopping to help a competitor, so we knew that our big time penalty would probably be stricken. So there was no pressure at all. Still, I drove fast enough that we would have been penalty-free for the last half anyhow. So that was good. A fun stage with a little interruption in the middle.
Turns out the car was out of gas. We'd just had a chance to fill up, so I can't explain it. But there you go.
The picture is actually from yesterday. But it's a good picture from Zach.
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