Targa Miata
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September 20, 2007 - Spring time!
The (chrome) 450/300 lb springs have come out and the (yellow) 300/225 springs have gone in. The new springs are an inch longer as well. This is the spring set I've been expecting will work out best for the Targa.
How does it feel? After a quick run around the block (the block in question is not your average city block, but includes some low speed turns with bumpy exits, some mild crests and is probably 6 miles around) it's pretty good. It's time for a sway bar of some sort though, and I need to do a back-to-back comparison with the control car. The most obvious thing is that I could probably use another inch of spring length on the front to get the nose up to my desired ride height, but it's very functional right now and I have piles of travel. So maybe I don't need to raise the nose after all.
tags: suspension