Targa Miata
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April 8, 2007 - This is the wiring saved by moving the ECU to the firewall instead of the rear bulkhead.
It's shockingly heavy, especially when rolled up like this.
Race cars don't need as much wiring as street cars. There's no need for air conditioning or heaters, for example. Our aftermarket ECU also uses some onboard sensors or alternate sensors that use different wiring than the factory unit. Once it was wired in, I traced back all the unused wires from the stock plugs, confirmed that I didn't need them and then cut them out. Yes, it saves a few ounces but that's not the main purpose. The fewer wires there are in the harness, the easier it is to debug any potential problems in the future. Today I pulled out the wiring for the power windows (big fat wires - that was significant), the optional foglights (I'll probably wire in some lights myself in the future, but they'll need better wiring than the factory stuff), the mass air flow sensor (our ECU uses a MAP sensor instead), the diagnosis connector underhood (we can talk directly to the ECU) and a few other bits and pieces that aren't needed. The harness is getting simpler and simpler.
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