Targa Miata
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May 8, 2007 - The red silicone hoses were also donated by the previous incarnation of the Targa Miata.
But the real work in this picture was on the power steering lines. The 2003 steering rack has a loop of hard line that's intended to help cool the fluid. The 1994 rack doesn't have this loop and ours was kinked from the accident, so it was removed. A bit of trimming to the hoses and careful routing around the coolant lines finished the job. I may still hook up a cooler of some sort.
So it's almost time for the big startup. I've wired up everything but the oxygen sensors and almost all the vacuum lines and fluid lines are complete. Now all I have to do is load the new program into the ECU and see if I can find a battery that's fully charged.
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