Targa Miata
April 18, 2007 - Much rejoicing!
The engine still has to come apart, but the correct pistons have surfaced. After combing through old paperwork to ensure they did in fact exist, the pistons were found in a dusty box inside another dusty box in the back corner of the FM shop. How they got there is a bit of a mystery, but the end result is that I just need to pull the oil pan off (yuk, lots of silicone sealant involved), pop the rods and pistons out then swap the pistons over. The bore is the same and Wiseco is very accurate on boring. The rings are the same as well, so all the difficult and tedious work does not need to be repeated.
Phew! This is a relief. The pistons that are currently in the block are a unique set, intended to combine the long stroker rods with a stock crank in order to obtain a very good rod ratio. The pistons that I'm supposed to have use the same rods but with a different crank. There's only one set of those in existence as well - so it would have been a long wait if I'd had to have another set made.
tags: engine