Targa Miata
January 13, 2008 - Excellent news.
The team has a new codriver - my wife Janel. This is not as obvious a choice as it seems, and it took some careful consideration on her part. Personally, I'm very happy with her decision.
She's a bit of a gearhead, with a turbo Miata that sees track and autocross use whenever possible. She can also explain why she prefers her existing turbo system over the supercharger she had before. She's spent lots of time at the track both riding shotgun and helping me set up cars. She's a WRC fan who was mistakenly rooting for Grunholm in 2007. Her organizational skills are far better than mine and she's good under pressure. In short, she has the potential to be an excellent codriver. It doesn't hurt that it'll be easy for us to practice together - much easier than for Eric and I living in different countries.
There are some problems we'll have to overcome. A complete lack of codriving experience of course. Motion sickness is liable to be the biggest concern. There's also the matter of available vacation time to actually participate in the Targa - it looks as if the honeymoon might get pushed off yet another year. I'm going to end up paying dearly for that one! But both of us are excited about the prospect.
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